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This is a little kit I made for any little or big people out there who want to document their life at this very moment! This is a surreal time, which can bring many anxieties and uncertainty, but one thing is for certain, we will be talking about it forever and we will definitely want to have a record of what life was like for us then.


So here it is, your own little time capsule, inlcuding:


  • A self portrait space
  • Current friends
  • Current favourites (tv show, song, book)
  • A reflection on current feelings
  • A space for a family drawing/photo
  • 'When I grow up' section
  • A special section where you can stick down an article of some happy news at this crazy time. (No need to go out and buy a newspaper! Just print one off from online!)


* If you can't print it right now but have a touch-screen phone/tablet, use a finger or stylus on edit mode to write and draw for now and you can print it off whenever you are able to! OR If you'd like me to send you a printed copy for postage & packaging costs, please email me at: pieladypapercuts@gmail.com *

This is Me - Isolation Kit